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Welcome to the wonderful sport of Gymnastics!

We are so glad you're choosing to be part of our team!

Here are some things you may want to know before coming to your first class.

When you arrive at the gym please stop at the front counter and let our greeter or staff member know your gymnast’s name and class they are attending.  It is helpful for the staff member if you know which class your gymnast is registered.  This will help your class teacher prepare as well as keep track of attendance. 

Please remain in the lobby until a teacher or staff member calls the gymnasts to line up and get ready to enter the gym as a group.  This is the best time to allow your gymnast to use the bathroom so they do not miss any gym time.

Once your gymnast enters the gym you may view their progress but we discourage you from speaking to them or calling their attention in any other way throughout the entire class.  This is a must as distractions can lead to a dangerous environment for any gymnast.  Please note flash photography is also not permitted during regular class.

Our recreational class format consists of a warm-up period and three to four events per class.  In most cases, classes are taught using a station or circuit format to avoid excessive line standing.  As they move to each event they may learn a new skill or continue to practice a skill learned.  Stations commonly involve activities such as strength, flexibility, gymnastics skills and/or body positioning.

Try not to compare your child to other children in class.  All kids learn in different ways and work at different levels even though they may be the same age and in the same class.  Our instructors are trained to teach various levels within the same class.  Remember that your child will be in class with students who may have had previous instruction and may already be comfortable with our facility and the way classes are run.  You will be surprised at what your child learns from watching other students in the class.  If you feel your child needs more help, consider having them take a second class each week.

We have many teachers and although all of them are trained with the same materials, they have their own teaching style.  The teachers will use verbal cues as well as physical demonstrations to teach.  You will see some teachers using students to demonstrate the skills and some will demonstrate themselves.  Your gymnast will have the same teacher each week so that he/she can get to know your gymnast and your gymnast can get to know their teacher.

Always feel free to ask your child’s instructor before or after class about your gymnasts’ progress.

If you have any questions you may also contact us via email at

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